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I cannot recommend Moira enough! My husband and I contacted her, stressed out from our first pediatrician appointment where we learned our little one was a little low on his weight loss after birth. She talked with us over the phone, guiding us on breastfeeding, pumping, hand expression and techniques for increasing my milk supply to ensure we’re providing our son with what he needs. Our next appointment with the doctor was fantastic and our son had started gaining weight and was back up to his birth weight less than a week later. Moira is so knowledgeable and her guidance was invaluable in helping breastfeeding be successful for our family.
— Katelyn
Thank you so much for everything. You are wonderful and I feel so much more confident already that things are going to be better with a successful latch. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. You truly are amazing and I feel I’m on a good road to recovery already. I believe we have our happy baby back. And a happier mommy already. Thank you so much. You are worth every penny and so much more. Your services should be mandatory before any new mama leaves the hospital. I can’t thank you enough.
— Deborah
I don’t know that you’ll remember, but you came to meet with me and my newborn (Virginia) just under a year ago to help improve our breastfeeding relationship. You helped uncover a lip and tongue tie and taught me the best (and least painful) ways to nurse my daughter. I just wanted to tell you that we are happily nursing, still, as we approach her first birthday next weekend! If not for you, I may have given up trying. One year of breastfeeding was what I wanted us to achieve when she was born and we have made it! So THANK YOU for doing what you do - it truly makes a difference!!!
— Lauren
As a second time mom, I assumed breastfeeding was going to be straightforward. I had forgotten the learning curve for both of my daughter and myself. Both my pediatrician and lactation consultant at the hospital had recommended Moira. By the time I admitted needing help, I was teary and dreading every time I had to nurse. Moira was sympathetic and practical to get us back on the right track. We needed a few simple tweaks in order to get me more comfortable and my daughter well fed. Moira included my husband in her suggestions and made him feel involved in our daughter’s care. Within a day, the discomfort had improved. At our two week visit with the pediatrician, our daughter had regained her birth weight and we had found our rhythm. I am so happy with the care that we received and have already passed her name on to pregnant friends!
— Jessica
I owe so much of my breastfeeding success to Moira. As a new mom not only do you worry about whether or not you’re doing your part right, but you worry about your baby, if they are eating enough, gaining weight, etc. Moira was so patient with me when I called her for help. I never felt like I was a bother. Not only does she know her stuff, but she’s such a calm and comforting presence during a crazy time in your life. I can’t recommend Moira’s services enough. She was a God send!
— Elizabeth
Moira made a tremendous difference after the birth of our daughter. After several different lactation visits from other nurses, Moira stood out the most. We were having trouble getting our baby to latch and nobody could figure out that she was curling her tongue to the back of the mouth, and therefore hurting me every time she fed. She encouraged all the different nursing positions until we found the right one. She wasn’t in a huge rush. This made us feel valued as brand new parents. Having a lactation consultant spend extra time and attention with new parents makes a world of difference and I commend her for it. We really appreciated it.
— Andrea*

*Update from Andrea: "You'll be glad to hear that we happily breastfed for 19 months. She is now 20 months old and quite energetic." 

After spending 2 weeks in intensive care, breastfeeding was not going smoothly - nor was bottle feeding, for that matter. I felt like every 3 hours was a total battle between me and my son, and the stress was overwhelming. I wanted to do the best I could for him, and no one seemed to know how to help. We wrestled with nursing; it didn’t work. Then we wrestled with a bottle; it kinda worked but he struggled so much. I pumped, I washed pumping parts, and I cried. And my son was, to put it nicely, not a happy baby. He was a screamer and I couldn’t seem to soothe him.

While I thought Moira’s job as a lactation consultant was to help him get back to the breast, she made it clear to me that her highest goal was to get him fed and happy. She sat beside me on my couch, reassuring me others had started a breastfeeding relationship even after weeks of bottle feeding. She gave me tricks to try to get him to the breast, and the confidence that I was doing everything I could do to nourish my child, whether my milk came from nursing or through a bottle. While he never was really able to breastfeed, she taught me how to make exclusively pumping work and how to get him to take a bottle without a fight. I am incredibly grateful for her patient teaching!
— Jen
Beautiful Baby Lactation was exactly what I needed as a new mom. After struggling for a few days with breastfeeding, Moira was able to answer all of my breastfeeding questions and concerns. Her special attention to both my baby’s needs as well as my own left me with a feeling of confidence! She made me feel comfortable and gave me the encouragement I needed! I would recommend her to any of my friends! Thanks!
— Amy
My husband and I were very impressed with Moira’s expertise in breastfeeding. The in-home visit was wonderful because it was a relaxed environment and we did not feel rushed and had time to express all of our concerns. After working with several lactation consultants, both at the hospital and our pediatrician’s office, the severity of my newborn’s tongue and lip ties were missed. Moira recognized the severity within minutes of our visit! We were able to have the problem corrected and within days our son was breastfeeding better. Just one week after the procedure we were exclusively breastfeeding and we owe it all to Moira!
— Heather