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Prenatal education visit - $100

A prenatal education visit generally lasts approximately 1 hour.

Many parents have lots of questions about breastfeeding prior to their child's birth. I offer in-home visits to demystify breastfeeding and answer all your questions. These visits cover general lactation education and knowledge of how your specific health concerns may affect lactation.

These visits are recommended for new parents or those who have specific needs such as previous breast surgeries or prior breastfeeding experiences that did not meet their goals.

Initial Home Visit - $190

An initial home visit generally lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and can usually be scheduled for the next day. 

Appointments are available mornings or afternoons. I will need to observe a feeding during our consult — however, if your baby is hungry before I arrive, please let them feed a small amount (enough to satiate them until our consult).

Follow-up phone calls and e-mails are free for the first week after any home visit.

Follow-up Home Visit - $150

Additional Fee for twins & multiples - $75 per additional child

Payment methods accepted include cash, checks, and credit cards. Checks should be made payable to Moira Griffin.