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What to Expect

Preparing for Our Consultation

Consultations take place in your home. You can even stay in your pajamas! Consults typically last between 1.5 to 2 hours and that time goes quickly! To maximize our limited time together, please prepare a few things ahead of time:

  • Complete the Preconsult Questionnaire and Consent to Lactation Consult & Financial Agreement and e-mail them to me at

  • Have a log of the past 24 hours, including the number of feedings and how they went, as well as the number of wet and poopy diapers.

  • I will need to observe a feeding during our consult — however, if your baby is hungry before I arrive, please let them feed a small amount (enough to satiate them until our consult)!

  • Please have all items necessary for feeding ready to go. This includes any nipple shields, SNS (supplementer), special pillows, etc. Have your breast pump and all clean parts available. If your baby has required a bottle, please have a bottle of expressed milk or formula prepared.

During Our consultation

During our consultation, I will:

  • Assess your breast

  • Assess baby’s mouth (as needed)

  • Do a pre- and post-feeding weight check

  • Observe a feeding

  • Teach you how to hand express

  • Answer your breastfeeding and/or pumping questions

  • Observe a brief pumping to check for correct flange fit and pump settings (as needed)

  • Create an individualized feeding plan to meet your baby’s needs

  • Administer the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to screen for postpartum depression and anxiety

After our consultation

After our consultation, I will e-mail you a detailed summary, including links to digital resources, handouts, and videos, and, if necessary, referrals to other healthcare providers.

I will also fax a brief summary of our consult to your baby’s pediatrician and, if necessary, your OB/GYN. This helps to ensure that all your medical providers are on the same page.